Monday, January 19, 2009

Forgot one of our Marines!

I forgot that we had another Marine in the family, and that was Scott. He joined and spent his whole tour over in Spain. Clarita got to go over with him and Sebastian was born there. Hmmm, I wonder if that means he has dual citizen ship? I'll have to ask Clarita.
Well, that's it for now...maybe I'll try to be more attentive to this blog. It's fun to write, but I don't always remember it.

Newest Grandchild born!

Here he is! Joshua Michael White born to my oldest son, Sean and his lovely wife, Emily. There other children are 4 beautiful girls, Allyssa 9; Tori 6; Caitlin 4; and Kara is 2, I believe.
Unfortunately, with 20 grandchildren, we sometimes forget their ages. We have Oldsheimers Disease. lol
Let's see, if I can break it down for everyone. Drew and I have a very mixed family, and between us, we have 8 grown children. Phew! We also have 2 former dils that we keep in close touch due to the grandkids. No way would they not be part of our family. Here's our list:
Gary 42 (Drew's oldest son); divorced, and 2 boys and 1 former stepson. . . Keedan (18 - graduated and on his way to college in Texas...he is the former stepson, but he's still a grandson to us. Then there is Kellen, his brother, and he is 12, I think. He lives here in Cortez with his mom, but spends quite a bit of time with his dad. To this group, we have Kellen's half brother out in California and he is Jarrod 15, who lives with his mother, Kim and his half brother, Arron 18 and graduated. Arron isn't really blood, but that matters not to us. He's still a grandson to us. Gary is a police officer with the Cortez Police Department, and is currently in school down in Texas to become a certified fitness instructor for the department. Gary also spent time in the U.S. Marines! Ooorah!
Jamie 40, married to Ralph and no children yet, but she's busy being a nurse and I'm not always sure what Ralph does for a living. It's too technical for me to understand, or more likely, I don't remember what I've been told. They both are very loving as an Aunt and Uncle. They live in California where we visit when we get out there.
Desiree 39, single and the mother to Michel 21, Jimmy 17, Kaeleah 16 and soon to give birth to our first great granddaughter. They live around the Seattle area, and she works and stays busy.
Michelle 36, married to Chancy, and they are both former Marines, and she met her dh when she went on vacation to Hawaii. It was afterwards that she joined the Marines and they were stationed together over in Hawaii and back at Camp Pendleton. But, they have 2 darling girls, Micaela 10 and Maycee 6. Both of them are working full-time jobs and going to college to get their degrees. More power to young people nowadays!
Sean 33, is married to Emily and they are the ones who had 4 girls and just recently got their baby boy. So, now theirs kids are listed as I mentioned above. Man, they have to be an active family! But, it's nice to go up and visit, since they live in the Salt Lake, Utah area.
Peter, 32, is a police officer in Chicago, and his wife is the head ER Nurse at a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, I can never remember the name, but they have our following grandkids: There is Madysen who is now 8! Her little brothers are Connor 2 and Hunter who will be 1 in February. Phew! They are a busy family indeed!
Michael 31, is the brother to Des and Michelle, and he has a fiancee, Nikki, and their little boy is Jayce, who isn't a year old yet, but he's another cutie. It's amazing that this family gets all the cuties! lol Michael has undergone a lot this past year or so, as he had leukemia and went thru all that entails. He's still working with the aftermath health problems, but his attitude is still positive and that's the most important part.
Last, we have my youngest son, Scott, who is 31 also, is a border patrol cop down in El Paso. He is married to Clarita, and they have two of the cutest kids. Sebastian is 6 and Camila is 2. At least I hope she is, cause if not, there goes my brain again! Sorry guys, I don't mean to forget, but I just don't know where my brain is sometimes! Anyways, we hope to be visiting with them sometme in May.
So, now you have it! The whole Gatzke/Etc clan. We are definitely a mixed up melting pot when it comes to family, but you know, we wouldn't have it any other way. Drew and I have been married 20 year, and in May it will be 21 years, and it hardly seems like any time has past, except that we have all these grandkids now. The best part of life! is sweet!

It's a New Year - Yeah 2009!!

Hi Folks,
Again, it's been a while since I've written anything on what we've been up to. Phew! Let's see where to begin????

Well, the weekend before Christmas, Drew and I decided to take our new motorhome for it's maiden voyage down to an RV Resort on the California/Arizona border. It is called Emerald Cove and the drive down was pretty nice. Unfortunately, we thought we were going to get a real early start, and of course, that didn't happen! lol We never got out of here until the afternoon, and got into the RV Park around 2 in the morning! Well, they showed us where to set up and Drew did only the basics. . . not wanting to disturb the other campers.
Next morning, he unhooked my car, and what happens? Number one in our many upsets over the next few weeks! My car battery had died! And it's only a year old. Apparently pulling it behind the motorhome and we followed the instructions exactly, and it pulled all the juice out of the battery. Sooooo, we called for a jump, got it fixed and proceeded to enjoy our few days before Drew had to go back to work for a couple days.
In the process, we bought into the resort (1 of 8) and now we have places to stay inbetween traveling over the rest of our time with the RV. It also came with visits for our kids and we have cards for them. It allows them when we stop traveling/ahem pass away, to buy into the resort for 5% of what we paid. I'm not telling what that is for now, but they know what it is and it turns out to be very good for them!
So, at this one park, Molly was able to run loose in an enclosed run and play in the water. Do you think she took advantage of that! NOT! She didn't even care for the water. She was too busy checking out every nook and cranny around fencelines and picnic tables, etc. She's such a snooper!
So, on Sunday Drew had to head back here to Cortez and work for a couple days and then he drove back after he got off at the airport on the 23rd. He was back at the park by 8:15 on the 24th, after which we unhooked everything and packed it all up for the rest of the trip to see the family for Christmas in California.
Well, comes the next upset...we got to Jamie's and Ralph's place, of which they had the perfect RV setup for us to park, except no one took into account how much a 40' RV weighs. So, in backing up into it with Ralphs instructions, we sunk into the mud on the drivers side and they spent hours digging it out. It wasn't Ralphs fault, but hey, things happen and we learned a good lesson...we need to check the soil first before parking...we never thought about all the rains they were having out there and that the dirt wouldn't hold. We laugh at it now, but the guys weren't laughing then.
Also, again, my car battery died, and this time when it was boosted, they blew the power steering in my HHR. Since we were staying only for the lovely Christmas Eve get together with Jamie and Ralph and other family and friends that showed up and were leaving later on. It came upon me to do the driving more on that later...
Jamie stayed down in the house fixing up the most delightful food, and so I just joined in and helped where I could. I also wrapped some last minute presents for her that she ran out of time to do. Boy, Jamie and Ralph are pretty busy these days as are all our grown children. l wonder sometimes if they ever take time to rest. (grin) So, eventually everyone arrived and Drew's brother, Bob, (a professional truck driver) actually drove the motorhome out of the hole we put it in, and we were able to just then park it on the street in front of the house on the hill. Those people weren't home for the holidays, so that worked out nicely.
The Christmas Eve party was a success, at least as far as I was concerned. Good food, family and friends all visiting and enjoying each others company. Gave everyone a chance to check up on what the other's have been doing over the last few months that we hadn't seen each other. Later on when things started to wind down, a family friend offered to be my guide in getting to our other daughters' house as with Drew not driving and maybe falling asleep (by this time he'd been up over 40 hours), I'm not the greatest in getting around on Californias freeways in the dark. So, I followed him, now remind you, we have no power steering, and I hadn't had the cast off my left hand very long. So, driving was definitely a miracle. I just kept that friends license plate in my eyesite, cause if I'd lost it, I'd have to wake up Drew and that I didn't want to do. Come to find out, he never did go to sleep while I was driving. Before we started, it was "Don't you think I should drive?" hahaha I grew up in cars without power steering. So, I sorta remembered what it was going to be like, and I wasn't far off. But, I did it and we arrived at Michelle and Chancy's to enjoy Christmas morning with them and our 2 lovely granddaughters, Micaela and Maycee.
We had the most enjoyable visit with them, and it was neat to see Christmas dinner from a different perspective. It was the first time I never had turkey, ham or roast beef. She served a delicious Enchilada Casserole with salad. Simple but outstanding. She really worked on that meal! She also had her mother (Drew's 2nd ex-wife) and her husband there for the dinner, and she made some outstanding Puerto Rican Rice. I watched both of them make their dishes, and I think I can remember how they did it so I can replicate it at a future date.
So, we finally left there and on the way home we made a detour down by Palm Desert to meet with Kim and Jarred to deliver their presents and they took the presents for Kim's husband and Arron. It was a short visit, but it was still fun to see them. Boy, Jarred's just towering over me now! But, he's still one of my little stinkers! lol
Anyways, on the way home, Drew was getting tired and so was I, but there just wasn't an RV resort that we could find off the bat, so we made a stop overnight at a Rest Area, and parked our RV between 2 other RVs and about 3 semi trucks. It felt pretty safe that way. It's nice when you have a generator so that you can cook your own food and not have to worry about the heat and all. We rested and the next morning woke up and finished getting home in time.
I had the sneaky suspicion that if Drew didn't call our neighbor before we got home we wouldn't be able to get into the driveway at all. He had checked with his cousin (who lives next door) and we'd gotten quite a bit of snow. So, since it was going to take a pretty big tractor to clear that out and not the 4-wheeler with plow that his cousin has, we called the neighbor on the other side and he was nice enough to have it done by the time we got home. Hmmmm, now to think of what I can make for them for doing that wonderful thing. We were able to drive right in and park the car, and we didn't even think about unloading it until the next day. We were both too pooped! But, we had the best Christmas in a long time, considering we didn't have any other family visiting us. Drew was really happy not to have to get all those lights and stuff up!
In fact, talking lights, we are going to be sending all the outdoor lights to my son, Peter, as he expressed an interest in them, as he's into the decorating the outside of your house bug now that he has kids. Go figure...I'm glad one of my boys is really a deco freak! My other son Sean likes to decorate, but lately, he's been really busy with his business slowing down. He owns his own Tile Store, and he had to let some employees go due to the slow housing market. Hopefully, it'll pick up and he can bring them back. We'll see.
In the meantime, that same son, Sean, and his beautiful wife, Emily, had their 5th child on Jan 7th. They finally got their son! He is named Joshua Michael White, and his 4 sisters, Allyssa, Tori, Caitlin, and Kara, have been waiting for him for ages. I've heard that they are finally calling it a halt on having more babies. But, knowing Emily, she's the epitome of "Mother", so I could see them in the future (after getting a bigger house) maybe taking in more kids. We'll see.
Well, I have lots more to say about all our kids, but I think I'll leave it to a future post. This one is plenty long as it is. So, til the next time, and hopefully it won't be so long...Have a safe and Happy 2009!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Here we come a visiting...

Okay, August has started out pretty busy for us! To get the birthdays out of the way, we have quite a few this month...Scott White and Kim Horn-Allen had their birthdays the same day, then we have Michael Fire and Clarita White with birthdays on the same day, then Gary Gatzke with Emily White following up at the end of the month. We also had an Anniversary in July for Chancy and Michelle Bainum, while this month of August sees Peter and Andrea White having theirs.
Those being over, Drew and I drove back to California the 2nd weekend to attend his 44th high school reunion. We drove out on Thursday and they had a few events scheduled. We bowled on Saturday afternoon with a very nice dinner and visiting that night. Then some of his friends and we met for breakfast Sunday morning. It was my second time meeting his ole high school friends. Sounds like they all enjoyed see who turns up each time they have one of these reunions. If my high school ever holds one since my 20th, I want to take Drew as he's never been to Alaska. But, we've already passed my 35th and no word. I think I'll have to do some checking.
We then drove to Flagstaff the following Saturday to meet Kim and her husband Mark, along with Jarred. Jarred is visiting again this summer for a couple weeks. We took Kellen Gatzke, his half brother with us so they could keep each other company on the drive back. So, last night Kellen stayed overnight here at out house, then this afternoon, both boys worked for a couple hours outdoors on the fence. They said they would love to earn money fixing the fence so that Molly can hopefully soon be able to run around the yarn off leash. Then, they came inside, and were ready to go to the Rec Center. And tonite Jarred is spending it at Kellen's where they plan to watch some sort of wrestling tournament on pay-per-view. I think? Oh well, they are boys, and apparently there are going to be a couple other of Kellen's friends there as well. Hey, I guess it's definitely a guy thing! lol
Well, I'm going to sign off for tonite, and let's hope I can keep this blog more up-to-date than I have so far. Wish me luck.

I know, it's been a while!!!

Okay, okay, we've been pretty busy these last few months. Back in May, we finished up all our floors, and man, does it look nice! Drew and I are so happy they are done! Well, until we finish up the connectors or whatever you call it. And next we have to do the floors in the kitchen, washroom and the two baths.
Then at the end of May, we traveled up to Lehi, Utah to visit with Wendy's oldest son, Sean and his family. It was both Allyssa's and Sean's birthday that last weekend, so we traveled there for that.
We also had two grandsons graduating high school this year, and they were Keedan Ainsworth right here in Cortez, Colorado and Arron Horn out of Palm Desert, California. Keedan has since left for Texas where he plans to work, find an apartment and work his way into Texas A&M. While Arron finally moved out of his mom's place to live with his dad, as it is closer to his work, and he plans to attend the Harley Davidson Vocational College in the Phoenix area as soon as he can get the paperwork started.
May 23rd was also our 20th Anniversary and it's hard to believe sometimes that we've been married that long! It seems like only yesterday, that is until we take into account how our bodies have failed us! Man, it's the pits getting old! lol Our present to ourselves was to go out to dinner down in Farmington, NM at the Red Lobster...something we've done almost every year since we moved here, and secondly, we treated ourselves to a brand new mattress. We can't remember the last time we bought one! We really needed it!
I'm covering a lot of months since it's been a while since I kept this blog up, so bear with me!
June brought me attending a 3-day quilt retreat here in Cortez, and had a blast! I was able to piece together a Memory Quilt for a favorite cousin of one of our dil's, Emily White, who was going thru some major health problems. Emily sent me about 5 pieces of fabric in her chosen colors to work with, and not being a quilter, she doesn't know that 5 is not enough for a quilter! (grin) I had to go out and buy more and then I added photos to the quilt that she sent. This quilt is meant for her cousin's wife and daughter, so it was made with a lot of love. The other quilters at the retreat helped me with the placement of the blocks and photos. I was so honored to piece and quilt it. Thank you Emily for that opportunity to give a gift of love.
Then the 2nd weekend in June, we traveled to California to attend Drew's oldest daughter's graduation from Loma Linda University with a degree in Nursing. Man, that was certainly a ceremony to be proud of. Congradulations Jamie! Way to go!
Also, during the month, we had some birthdays for two granddaughters. Happy Birthday Micaela Bainum and Kara White.
Grandkid birthdays for July were Arron Horn and Caitlin White, while there were also birthdays for Drew's daughter Desiree Fire, and Wendy's mom Gay McClellen and sister, Brenda Ylvisaker had birthdays.
July also brought the end for Wendy of months of harried the Dolores Mountain Quilters had their quilt show. Phew! It turned out really nice, and we lucked out with Wendy's youngest son, Scott White and his wife, Clarita, and kids, Sebastian and Camila visiting for a week. Sebastian was also the one to pick the winning ticket for the Raffle Quilt at the show! He was also pictured in the paper when he did so. Man, what a ham!
Now, we come to August, but I think I'll start a new blog, so this one is complete, I think. Hmmm, I think, therefore, I am? Gads, I don't know...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16th

Phew! We did it! Drew and I finished the first of the 3 bedroom floors and it only took us 7 hours! Well, we did pull up the carpet and repair the floor last weekend, so that this weekend we were able to install the wood flooring and put in the baseboards which I'd already done last weekend.
Anyways, today, we finished the hallway, the linen closet, and put in the baseboards this afternoon. So, now we have the other spare bedroom and our master bedroom, which we hope to start next weekend. Tomorrow night Drew is going to help me put my ironing table (his mother's old dresser) on rolling castors, so I can get to my design wall and finish up our kingsize bed quilt. I need to get it to the longarm machine quilter NLT next month so that she'll have time to finish it in time for the quilt show in July.
I also need to finish a few other quilts, too, for the show and for presents. One of them is a quilt for graduation for Keedan and another one for Arron. Keedan's is a triptech one I'm doing a jazz drummer, and Arron's will be one that is of a motorcycle, since he wants to go to school to learn to repair big motorcycles.
Well, tonite's blog is short as I'm tired, and I would love to figure out how to upload pictures. That may be something to learn for another day/night. So, til later...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 News

Well, here I am again letting ya'll know the news of the day. Today started out quite funny actually. We've been taking care of Gary's dog, Blackjack, for him until he can get it to his new owner (waiting for the fence to be built), and he's apparently an indoor dog. Nothing wrong with that, except he sleeps on the floor in our bedroom and he's no trouble . . . when Drew's there.
Drew leaves for work and Blackjack thinks he belongs on the bed with me, and even though it's a kingsize bed, he wants to either lay up by MY pillow, or lays over my legs. Well, this morning, Drew was going to close the door and pretend he left and wait to hear if Blackjack moved. Well, he did get up and walk over to my side of the bed and Drew came back in and told him to get back on his blanket. Humpt! He again closed the door, and pretended he went out the front door and quietly walked back to see if Blackjack had moved. He hadn't. So, he went ahead and went to work. Well, Blackjack waited about 25 minutes to make sure Drew wasn't coming back, and then jumped up on the bed. By that time, I had both Blackjack and Molly on my legs and could hardly move.
Gary had told us to use a rolled up newspaper and slap him with it, as he didn't like the sound of it, and it wouldn't hurt him. Well, Blackjack apparently isn't bothered with that danged newspaper, and it didn't work. I finally had to pull my legs out from under the two dogs and just go ahead and pull them off the bed and get dressed. I wasn't going to get anymore sleep, but this can't keep up, as I don't go to bed until around 3-4 in the morning and getting up at 8-9 just isn't cutting it. I usually get up around 9:30, but not now. It's usually right after Drew leaves which is around 8:30, and I'm getting tired. so, since today was such a nice day, the dogs have been left outside for most of it.
In the meantime, I'm working on my Shoebox quilt and it's all done except the final border to sew on, but I took a break to work on a small quilt for a silent auction in Chicago. I'm donating it to my granddaughter, Madysen's school for a fund raiser. I hope they get a bit of money for it, as I'm sure someone should like it. It's a couple of birds dancing cheek to cheek. I'll try and post a picture when it's done, and also the shoebox one.
Maybe this weekend, I'll get a picture posted of Drew and I laying the floors thruout our house. We have the living room, dining room and most of the hallway done. We are now in the first of 3 bedrooms, and the carpet's been pulled up and staples removed, and it's just waiting for the flooring. I have to admit, for beginner's, Drew and I are doing a bang-up job. Twice Gary came over to help (mostly to move some of the bigger furniture), and one of our grandsons, Kellen came over to help. That was when I was in Chicago.
Hummmm...well, enough for now...and I'll try to post pics soon.